Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Free Fiction: Frontier Death Song by Laird Barron

I should probably start by saying that Laird Barron is a favorite around these parts. His name alone is enough to sell me on an entire anthology.

Barron writes visceral, hard boiled horror. There is a smokey-noir feel to several of his stories, and quite a few feature tough, whiskey swigging protagonists. The dread he manages to cultivate is the kind of dread that sticks with one long after reading. Shadows will take on even more ominous overtones, and sleep will not come easy.

Several of his works riff on the cosmic horror of Lovecraft, or the horrors of Pagan gods and deep, dark woods a la Machen. The more he writes the more he experiments with other sub-genres of horror, and he has not once penned a story that has not made it onto my list of favorites.

With all that being said, he has a new story over at The Nightmare Magazine. It's a gloomy, grisly take on the major folklore concept of The Wild Hunt.If you're unfamiliar with Barron, this free story might be a good place to start. For those already familiar with Barron, it is interesting to see a story that seems much more autobiographical than most of his others.

The story can be read HERE

Enjoy the story!!!!!!!

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