Sunday, March 3, 2013

Giveaway: Luminescent Mi-Go Artifact by Jason McKittrick

A giveaway is something I have wanted to do for awhile here at The Arkham Digest, and thanks to sculptor Jason McKittrick I have this wicked piece to give away to one lucky reader.

Jason McKittrick runs Cryptocurium Custom Creations, and specializes in limited edition Lovecraftian sculpts. He has several available on his website, and most of them go fast. Recently The Collection From Yuggoth was made available in a mere 72 hour sale. Availability has ended, but thanks to Mr. McKittrick I have one of these out-of-print pieces available.

The Luminescent Mi-Go Artifact should be familiar to readers of Lovecraft. It's a great piece to spruce up a library or office. The description on the site is as follows:

An odd relief sculpture carved from a luminescent stone found on the Mi-Go home planet. Depicts an idealized Mi-Go among as of yet indecipherable alien hieroglyphs. Artifacts emits a green glow when in darkness.”

Hand cast in solid phosphorescent resin and individually signed and numbered by artist Jason McKittrick


Measures 4.25″ x 5.75″

Entering to win is easy. Just complete all 3 following steps:

1. Like The Arkham Digest Facebook page here or by clicking the link to the right.
3. Comment below stating your favorite Lovecraft story and why it's your favorite.

Please, don't try multiple entries, and don't comment without liking the Facebook pages, we will check! If you already like both pages on Facebook just comment below. I will do a random drawing this coming Friday, and then get in touch with the winner to verify and make sure I have your address.

Thanks everyone, and good luck!!!!!


  1. Cool. I love Shadow Over Innsmouth. It just inspired so many wonderful stories and movies. You can't ignore that.

  2. Liked Cryptocurium ages ago, and found this brilliant site via Cryptocurium & liked the facebook page as well. I love The Shadow Over Innsmouth as well, but do have a special place for The Lurking Fear, it too has inspired the creation of other monsters, movies, books etc however you are never quite sure what is wrong with the Martense family line, in the story its local folklore that states its a curse related to a murder or something else and the creatures have varying forms as well.

  3. "The Shunned House" is still my favorite. I think it's probably because I love the big reveal of the monster at the end, how Lovecraft went so much bigger than he really needed to, which is a trait I always admire. Plus, creepy houses and fungi are two things both near and dear to my heart.

  4. My favorite has always been The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (though a very close second being At The Mountains Of Madness). CDW has always been the story that stuck with me the most with its exploration of antiquarian subjects, old Providence and creepy goings-on. It was the first long Lovecraft piece I ever read back in 1980 or so and I've never had another story stick with me as this one did.

    My email addy is annihilus1 @

  5. "Hypnos" is probably my favorite, if I have to pick only one. S. T. Joshi wrote that it is one of the most thought-provoking of HPL's early tales, and I very much agree. The themes, fear of stars and danger of sleep are also treated in other Lovecraft stories, but the way they are combined in Hypnos is particularly effective for me.

    My email is grahamlowther03 at gmail dot com