Saturday, July 20, 2013

Project Worth Funding: Year's Best Weird Fiction

Editor/author Michael Kelly's Undertow Publications is seeking to raise money to fund the start of a new, annual reprint anthology, Year's Best Weird Fiction. While there's two annual books for the year's best horror that come to mind, edited by Ellen Datlow and Stephen Jones, Kelly's anthology narrows the field from horror in general to weird fiction.

Undertow Publications is the home of Shadows & Tall Trees, the sixth installment of which is due out next year. This original anthology series is proof that Michael Kelly has the chops to make sure a wonderful product will make it's way into the hands of readers. Making the inaugural volume even more special is the editor chosen for this volume: weird horror maestro Laird Barron.

Laird Barron is one of the most highly regarded weird horror writers working today. The man has taste, and I'm sure that he'll choose a wonderful lineup of stories.

Funding the campaign doesn't just mean donations. When donating money, you get rewards. Donating $15 gets you a copy of the e-book. $25 gets you a copy of the book. Basically, you help fund the project while pre-ordering the book. There's also several other packages for a little bit more, which includes copies of other books as well as a copy of Year's Best.

If you're a weird fiction fan, you should stop by the campaign page. It's about time there's a Year's Best volume dedicated strictly to weird fiction.

The campaign page can be found HERE.

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