Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Arkham Digest Celebrates Its First Birthday!

It was mid-October last year when I decided to join the world of blogging and create my own review blog. I decided upon the name, paid for the domain through Blogger, and set it up, but it wasn't until October 24th that I had my first post, with my first review following a day later.

When I started out I didn't think the blog would be half as successful as it has been. I have a great core group of readers which is constantly growing, and I've been able to feature many prominent scriveners of the weird on the site. After NecronomiCon in August I was joined by guest reviewer Alex Lugo, whose insightful reviews are very welcome on these pages.

It's been a wonderful year and I hope the first of many. I would like to thank all the fine authors, editors, and publishers who have allowed me to review their books, with an extra thanks to all who have granted me interviews. I mostly want to thank the readers though, as without them I would just be rambling to myself in my little corner of the internet. Remember, it's all for you guys!

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